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Public health remains our top priority. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (the virus is still actively spreading), we are following the CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines for safety. We ask that you consider safety measures outside of the office as well. Below is a quick summary of our new policy and cleaning protocols to insure your health and safety:


  • The office is continuously cleaned throughout the day with medical grade disinfectants. Hand sanitizers are placed throughout the office for your convenience. We have also incorporated disinfectant fogging in the office after business hours.


  • The Treatment rooms are deep cleaned and aired out before and after every client using medical grade disinfectants and UVC. We have also added air purifying machines in the esthetic rooms.


  • All estheticians will be wearing a respirator mask, surgical mask, face shield and gloves during your entire service.


  • Masks are required to enter the office. Masks should be worn properly and completely covering your nose and mouth. See the CDC guidelines for proper use of masks. You will be allowed to remove the mask in the treatment room only to receive your service. After your service, you will be asked to re-mask.


  • Because we are following social distancing rules we have to reduce office occupancy. Only the client receiving the service will be allowed into the office with the exception of minors or those needing assistance. You will be asked to remain in your car until you are contacted for your appointment. Please arrive on time for your appointment.


  • Upon entering the office your temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer.


  • Service duration will be reduced to limit exposure time for both client and esthetician.


  • Prior to your appointment, you will be asked some pre-screened questions to insure your safety and our safety. Please complete this paper work 48 hours before your appointment.


  • If you need to reschedule for whatever reason, and especially if you are not feeling well, we understand and request that you contact us as soon as possible to reschedule.


  • All esthetic consultations will be virtual or telephone only.


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